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Important Appliance Safety Tips
Dishwashers: Never use regular dish soap like
(Palmolive) as it will, in many cases, flood your
Washers: Never leave a washing machine
unattended, it can and will flood your home.
Cloths Dryers: Dryers must have fast drying action, excessive lint build up in vents can
cause the dryer's temperature limit safety switch to continuously cycle on and off,
resulting in (1) higher dryer operation costs, (2) clothing damage, (3) overheating! This
could ignite the lint, leading to a dryer fire. This problem has a fast solution. Optimal
dryer performance = proper dryer exhaust airflow. I can tell you that a dryer fire is a
rare thing. Should I clean a dryer vent? Yes, from the back of the machine to where it
exits the home. Flaps that keep out intruders must open easily to let out the heat and
humidity. The longer the piping and the more elbows, the more often the cleaning should
be done.

Household icemakers: Icemakers in your refrigerator can become a serious problem
causing water damage to your floors and throughout the house. If the icemaker goes into
a harvest cycle and doesn't stop filling water, the potential is there. All ice makers have
either an on/off bar to raise and shut off ice production or a simple switch on the side or
front of housing. When nobody is home, the ice maker should be in the off position. When
you're home in the evening or on weekends, leave the switch or bar in the on position.
You don't need ice when you're not around!

Water lines for the ice maker: The water lines should never be installed with plastic
tubing. The tubing becomes hard and brittle over a period of time from heat behind the
refrigerator at the condensing unit and also from a hard water supply or other factors
that influence water condition. Copper tubing is best, but there are also flexible metal
products that can be purchased at local retailers. When using copper, make up large coils
behind the refrigerator, that can expand as the cooler is moved in and out of its space for
cleaning or repairs.

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